J. McManus & Son, Inc. has been providing home improvement services in the Hudson Valley, NY area for over 50 years.

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, our highly trained and experienced staff has the knowledge, skills and resources to handle all your home renovation needs.

Since 1960, we have provided superior service to our customers while assisting them with building properly installed, energy efficient roofing systems, siding, windows, skylights and gutters.

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Metal Roofing is good for Mother Nature. It is one of the greenest and most sustainable materials available. Metal Roofing is primarily manufactured from RECYCLED steel or aluminum. It also REFLECTS the UV that strikes rather than absorbing it into the building thus reducing energy costs. Additionally, Metal Roofing will last far longer than any other roofing material.

J. McManus & Son’s on-site manufacturing dramatically reduces packaging waste as well as transportation and re-transportation of materials.

J. McManus & Son only uses the highest quality products.  The Cambridge shingle by IKO is the shingle of choice for homeowners who demand the best in terms of quality, durability and value.  Combining an extraordinary shake-like design with superior protection makes it a time-tested favorite.

Cambridge shingles are engineered to offer customers more protection and peace of mind with a larger, heavier and more durable shingle.  Constructed with two layers of heavy fiberglass mat, more asphalt and less fillers, these shingles set the standard by offering a Limited Lifetime Warranty, superior tear strength and resistance to high winds.

J. McManus & Son is an IKO Shield Pro Plus Contractor and has used IKO products since 1960.

A roof replacement is an inevitable expense for any property owner. Proper maintenance and timely repairs can extend the life of your roof. However, tell-tale water spots on the ceiling or water stains along sheetrock walls are strong indicators of roofing problems. By the time you see the signs of a roof leak, there’s a good chance the problem has existed for while. If your roof is over 20 years old, it might be time to invest in a roof replacement. Contact J. McManus & Son at 845-795-5159 for a roof inspection, repair, replacement or new installation.

J. McManus & Son uses Peel & Seal®, the original, self-stick roll roofing specifically designed for low slope residential applications. Composed of a patented formula, Peel & Seal® provides a long lasting, durable, maintenance-free roofing surface.

From dormers, residential sunroom additions, “open” porches, and mobile home roofs, where low slope roofs are common place, Peel & Seal® is an excellent solution for these applications. The self-adhering, weatherproof, reflective surface not only forms a highly effective barrier to the elements, but also limits solar heating to help keep the temperature of building interiors significantly cooler.

In this application, Peel & Seal® is being used in a re-roofing project on a residential structure. The deck was covered with Zip Panels, and Peel & Seal® was used to seal the panel seams, then used as a whole roof covering.

Vinyl Siding:

J. McManus & Son uses Mastic Home Exteriors as their vinyl siding provider.  Mastic vinyl siding products are rated at wind speeds between 165 mph and 240 mph. Their product development team subjects Mastic products to a battery of rigorous tests to ensure superior quality and performance.  The siding is engineered to persevere in the most extreme conditions.

We want to help you meet your sustainable building goals. It’s about reducing our impact on the environment.  It’s about generating less waste and using less energy.  It’s about working together to build a better future.


Wood Siding:

J. McManus & Son uses Cedar Shake Siding, Cedar Horizontal and Vertical.  If you want a wood finish for your house exterior, cedar siding has a longer lifespan than other types of wood.


Fiber Cement Siding:

J. McManus & Son is proud to use the HardieZone™ System. James Hardie has unveiled a new concept to home building — siding that’s engineered for climate.  It provides siding with specific performance attributes relative to the climate where the product is being used. So say goodbye to the days of one-siding-fits-all.  J. McManus & Son has the ability to put the optimum siding on your home regardless of your location.


J. McManus & Son’s commitment to our customers is to provide the most competitive price for a quality product with outstanding customer service

Insulation & ventilation under a new roof can solve heat-loss problems and prevent ice dams. We retrofit an insulated cold roof by removing the existing roofing to the roof deck, then install insulation to desired thickness or desired R value, then adding the 2×4 firing strips @ 2 foot centers & covering with Zip roof sheathing, and install roofing(metal or shingle). This added insulation, ventilation & air baffle will dramatically enhance energy efficiency and reduce heating & cooling costs, in addition to eliminating ice & snow back ups.

Daylight, the natural light, in homes is very beneficial. Our skylights will block harmful UV light that could fade carpets or upholstery, but let in the natural light that is healthy for all of us. Letting natural light into your home through a skylight can make you more comfortable to read or see in your home during the day, and happier as your body absorbs the natural light that it needs to process nutrients as well as improve your mood. Let natural light bring out the true beauty of your home décor.

A Velux skylight will instantly transform a room by adding warmth and depth. Call J. McManus & Son today to find out about installing a Velux skylight in your home today.

SnoRail™ and SnoFence™
When snow accumulations begin to melt, the result can be catastrophic as the blanket of snow avalanches off the roof dumping tons of snow onto anything in its path. It can damage landscape, gutters, adjacent roofs, vehicles, and cause injury or death to passers-by. SnoRail™ and SnoFence™ retention systems dramatically reduce these risks associated with rooftop avalanches, maintaining the clean lines of the roof and lasting as long as the roof itself!

S5 ColorGard® System
The sudden and unexpected release of snow from the roof can be dramatic, posing a serious threat to property and passers-by. ColorGard® dramatically reduces the risks associated with rooftop avalanches and maintains the clean colorful appearance of the roof with perfect color and finish matching, which lasts as long as the roof itself! ColorGard® is the only snow retention system designed and engineered on a site-specific basis; guaranteed to perform, to not damage the roof or finish, and to exactly match the roof color—for the entire life of the roof.

Snow Guards
Snow Guards are rooftop devices that allow snow and ice to drop off in small amounts or melt completely before falling to the ground. Snow Guards prevent damage caused by avalanching snow and ice while enhancing the beauty of any roofing system. Snow guards are a practical, cost-effective addition to any sloped roof in cold-weather areas.

J. McManus & Son offer the most extensive selection of snow guards for virtually any type of residential or commercial roof, including metal, slate, shingle and cedar. They are designed to reduce large sheets of snow and ice from avalanching off a sloped roof and causing extensive damage to property and pedestrians.

J. McManus & Son is dedicated to exceptional customer service and superior workmanship. Servicing areas throughout the Hudson Valley, J. McManus & Son is the go-to for all of your home improvement needs.

In addition to roof repair and roof replacement, J. McManus & Son offers repair services including gutter, siding, window and skylight repair. With long lasting warranties and only the best in product lines, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Let J. McManus and Son provide you with quality customer service enabling you to benefit from our vast knowledge of gutter installation, repair, cleaning and many other services. We provide 6″ K-style seamless or handmade custom.

  • Leaf Proof/Maintenance Free Gutters
  • Seamless Aluminum & Copper Gutters
  • Gutter Repair & Cleaning